Media Electrons, the One-Stop Media Solution based on IT Services

We the MEDIA ELECTRONS, in short call us ME, is a group of experts in Mass Communication Services based on digital platform. You can call ME the ONE-STOP MEDIA SOLUTION. We are providing all the solution from the News World to Advt. Our tools are multilingual TEXT, Video, Audio, Graphics, Animation, Web Designing, WEB 3.0 / NFTs, Photography, Font Designing and all common services needed to promote your ideas or say, Business. We are registered with MSME (Govt. of India). Please visit our office or contact us through the link in the footer. 

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क्‍या आप भी संकोच करते हैं खुद को कम्‍प्‍युटर लिटरेट बताने में? लेकिन अब नहीं!.. मात्र 36 घंटों में Basic Computer Course (BCC) पूरा करें और डाउनलोड करें देश भर में सरकारी मान्‍यता प्राप्‍त BCC सर्टिफिकेट। आप पूछेंगे कोर्स फीस?..

You are welcome to our office cum workplace at Ranchi. Please visit.  Contact us 9431113111.